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Free sightseeing tour accompanied by guides

In front of monument duke Branimir

at 12

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11. Bicycle ride "Od Branimira do Branimira" (Zadar - Nin)

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The Church holiday of Our Lady of Zečevo

Nin is a Marian shrine which attracts large number of believers several times per year. Based on the testimonies about Apparition, bishop Divnić established the religious holiday of Our Lady of Zečevo celebrated more than 500 years on the first Monday before the Ascension. After mass celebration believers walk around the decorated streets of Nin at the same time carrying statue of Our Lady of Zečevo and singing songs dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Numerous customs accompanying holiday festivities attract believers and curious people.

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17. Nin's šokolijada (Šokol festival) - ethno and gastronomic fest

Šokolijada is an international ethnic and gastronomic event with exhibitor’s fair show which preserves exclusive gastronomic product Šokol from oblivion. Manifestation starts in the beginning of the year when hard working Šokol producers prepare this unique delicacy, and ends in July by choosing a winner, tastings, Šokol feast and agricultural products fair. Event is listed among the 100 most important in Croatia. Winning at Šokolijada is matter of prestige, and competition is very interesting and tasteful for tourists.
Various locations, Nin - island at 20:00

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8. Festival of Salt

A unique salt festival is held in Nin’s salt pans, one of the most exceptional European salt pans where salt is still produced in a traditional way, hand harvesting and packing. Festival is interesting for its competitions, antique and other food, entertainment program and all of it around salt as main ingredient. Visitors can discover all benefits of salt, usage in cosmetics and skin care, as well as in cooking, while having a good time.
Saltworks Nin, Nin

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5. Romantic night in the best romantic European destination - Nin

Various locations, Nin -island
at 20:00

TZ Nin
5. Festival of the sand - Magic that occurs and disappears

Queen's beach and Ždrijac beach, Nin
at 07:00

TZ Nin
The Festival of the Sun's greetings of autumn

Autumnal equinox - the Festival of the Sun’s greetings to autumn in the Church of the Holy Cross.

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European Bird Watching day

The day is an ecological event with educational character that informs citizens and tourists of more than 204 bird species choosing the lagoon of Nin as home. The most familiar are black winged stilt (Himantopus himantopus), sea plover (Charadrius alexandrines), little egret (Egretta garzetta) and kingfisher (Alcedo atthis). This area is listed in the Natura 2000 habitat, ecological network of nature protection areas for preserving endangered species and habitats. The watching takes place in salt pans where volunteering ecologists teach about bird life.

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Half Marathon Nin - Zadar

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