The traditional pilgrimage to Our Lady´s island

The appearance of Our Lady of Zečevo, and the traditional pilgrimage to the nearby Island of Zečevo – which during low tide in fact becomes part of the mainland- is connected with an interesting story which takes us back to the very beginning of the 16th century. The Turks, in an act of revenge because of the defeat they suffered in Nin, set fire to the Church and Monastery on this island, killed all the monks and took the Statue of Our Lady. The legend has it ,that they threw it into the sea and that Our Lady ‘swam’ to the shore in Nin and in 1516 She appeared to the widow Jelena, sent a message to the people and all this was confirmed by the Statue shedding tears. This was a good enough reason to organise unique processions to the Island of Zečevo on the 5th May and 5th August every year, which for numerous visitors and local people has become an event to remember. For worshippers and all others, this is an interesting event which ties us to the past and gives us new strength for the future.
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In Nin large areas of sandy beaches are spreading up to 8 kilometres. Certainly the most beautiful and best known is the Queen's Beach. The Legend has it that when Croatian king Tomislav would come to Nin on vacation, the Queen would spend most of the time on the beach near the medicinal mud site. One day the king joined her and said: „When we come to Nin this place will be only yours, this is heaven on earth and this is your beach."

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