Days of the Patrons of Nin, St Marcela and St Anselmo

To pass through turbulent historical periods, to preserve faith and freedom and contribute to them, to live in an area so rich with the gifts of Nature and Man and to persevere – would it be possible at all without luck, wisdom and sincere advocates?! The residents of Nin, and everyone who is acquainted with the exceptional values of Nin, knows that it must be a gift of providence and the Patrons of Nin.

If you come to Nin on the 25th-26th August you can celebrate the unique Church festivals, the days of the Patrons of Nin, St Marcela and St Anselmo to whom the parish church, the former Cathedral (6th-18th century) is dedicated.

According to tradition, St Anselmo was one of Christ’s 72 disciples who came to Nin and its surroundings to preach and spread Christianity. Tradition also has it, that Marcela from Luke’s Gospel was a housewife in the house of Marta, Maria and Lazarus and in the apostolic announcement she helped the Bishop Anselmo and Dean Ambrose in Nin.

The relics of St Anselmo, Ambrose and Marcela in their precious reliquaries, as the Christian announcers and first heralds of Christianity in Nin, have been worshipped since the first centuries of Christianity. They belong amongst the most significant artefacts of the Church and the gifts given by religious and political leaders. On the main Baroque altar of Nin parish church there is a picture of St Anselmo, Ambrose and Marcela, and in the chest below the picture the relics of St Marcela are kept. The day of the Patron Saints of Nin is always festive, and along with the religious ceremonies, it is an opportunity to have fun and is equally interesting to the local people of Nin as well as to their visitors.
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Miraculous apparition of the Virgin Mary in Nin

Did you know that in Nin's area the miraculous apparition of the Virgin Mary is celebrated for 500 years three times a year: on the day of the Apparition 5th May with the pilgrimage to Our Lady's Island by land and sea; on the actual holiday, the first Monday before the holiday of the Ascension; and on 5th August, Homeland Thanksgiving Day? There are around 20 preserved customs referring to the miraculous apparition.

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