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For some, their natual wealth is gold-for Nin they have salt, a source of existence, but also a traditon which recently was converted into a unique institution and tourist attraction-the Museum of salt. If you want to see a traditional way of salt production, if you are interested in souvenirs from salt, or would like to taste “the flower of salt“, by many called the „caviar of salt“-you are in the right place which will take you to a really special world of the salt pans of Nin, so different from what you have seen, experienced or tasted so far.

The Museum story of salt-whose institutional beginnings came with the opening of the Nin Salt works in 1955-starts with revealing its effects on health and ways of exploitation as well as the tools and equipment which were used in the process. It is possible also here to buy original Croatian salt and to taste the famous “salt flower“-French “Fleur de Sel“, which is evidence of ecological and traditional production and a perfect addition to every meal.

Rich in minerals and positive health effects, “the flower of salt“ is very appreciated and its price can be as much as ten times higher than ordinary salt. Everyone who enjoys good food, will certainly be attracted by the souvenirs of the Museum of Salt, which include products which use salt such as chocolate and biscuits of different flavours which are unique because of using Nin salt, and are limited in supply because of a demanding production.
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From an exciting past to a lovely present

On a small island in the middle of a shallow lagoon the small town of Nin can be found with its old centre, connected to the mainland by two stone bridges. Nin has had an exciting past and today a lovely present. All its stories, all its beauty and natural wealth are here to be enjoyed and to find joy, health and spiritual satisfaction which are so much needed today.

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