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TZ Nin


TZ Nin

Medicinal mud

Did you know that in Nin there is the largest site of the medicinal mud in Croatia with 120,000 m3 of surface? Therefore, in 1960. Nin was registered at The Academy of Medical Sciences of Croatia as a thalassotherapy health resort and site of the sea peloid in North Dalmatia with a summer clinic in open for the bath therapy. The peloid – medicinal mud is located in the middle of the Lagoon of Nin, near the longest sandy beach in Croatia, the Queen's beach. Its beneficial and positive effects on human health have been recognized even by ancient Romans. Under the medical supervision therapy is held in July and August.

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TZ Nin


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Tourist board Nin
Trg braće Radića 3
23232 Nin

pho: +385 23 265 247
pho: +385 23 264 280
fax: +385 23 265 247


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